Polypropylen Big Bag

Standard Big Bag

Big-Bag sacks, capable of safe carriage and organization of products between 200 kg and 2.000 kg are produced foru your requirements.

Use Area:

Standard Big-Bag Sacks are usually used in agriculture, construction and mine sectors. With its optional, special product nylon component, it enables food and chemical products to be carried.

Ventilated Big Bag 

Made of a special ventilated fiber, this big bag is used in packaging of the products that require air circulation.

Use Area:

Ventilated big bag sacks are usually used on carriage of agricultural products like nuts and potatoes and wood..

Conductive Big Bag 

MODEL A is appropriate for most applications. All sacks are resistant against rot under sun. There are no strict rules during the production phase.

MODEL B reduces the static electrification during the agent transportation. USE IN DANGEROUS ENVIRONMENT IS UNAPPROPRIATE. If there is an explosion risk, then Model C or D must be used.

MODEL C Conducts all static electricity instantly to the ground. This sack has a perquisite of soiling.

MODEL D spreads the static electricity to the atmosphere in a controlled manner. This sach has no prequisite of soiling.

Q Bag

This product that takes shape perfectly by means of the tension panel, saves a space of 30% in your vehicle or storehouse during the transportation. Q bags should be chosen in order to use the area optimally, where your product is transported or stocked. This sacks that take square or rectangular shape when get filled minimizes the loss of space.

Use Area:

Appropriate for all kinds of dust and small sized products.

Cross Corner

Per customer request, they can be produced in various size and features like fill and empty, move and store. It saves space during transportation and storage. By means of the panels seamed between the edges of fabrics, it preserves its cubic shape after the filling is done.

Use Area:

It is ideal and economical storage equipment for granules and small size materials like minerals, chemicals, certain construction materials, agricultural and food products.


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